welcome to five pine cattle co.

Five Pine Cattle Co. is a purebred Gelbvieh & Balancer cow calf operation located near Worthington, MN. Matt & Amanda Altman along with their two children Annabelle and Brant are the owners and operators of the company. They were established in 2011 after the purchase of their first five black purebred bred heifers. Since then they have built their herd by retaining calves, and purchasing breed leading genetics. The operations focus is to develop and breed cattle that are phenotypically and genetically superior to the breed, and to the industry. They utilize artificial insemination and embryo transfer to obtain breed leading genetics and to provide genetic out crossing to better their herd. They strive to produce cattle that will work in breeding and feeding operations. Visitors are always welcome, and we would love to show you our herd and what we have to offer!

Five Pine Cattle Co.
2nd Annual Production Sale

February 26-27
Worthington, MN